St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Giving Day 2023

Thank you!

The pupils of St Joseph's wanted to send a personal thank you to the entire community who supported Giving Day. 




PTFA Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who attended our coffee morning at St Joseph's to celebrate the monumental success of our first ever Giving Day. Over seventy parents, staff, and governors came, eagerly anticipating the announcement revealing how much the community had raised.

We are thrilled to announce that the St Joseph's Giving Day raised a total of £5,182 for the 'It Takes a Village' Fund, which is utterly amazing. We are proud to have such a committed community who continue to show so much support for the school, and we are incredibly grateful for everyone who got involved, whether donating directly to the Fund or spreading awareness about the cause.

The funds will go a long way in providing the pupils with resources and opportunities that will enrich their educational experience, and it is all thanks to you, our community.

From all of us at St Joseph's, thank you.

nk you.


A Message from Mrs Wyatt, Executive Head

We are delighted to announce that we have exceeded our initial target of £2,000 and have raised an amazing £4320! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community that continues to support the school despite challenging times. 

In the spirit of Giving Day, we challenge you, our community, to continue donating with a new target of £5,000. It would be wonderful if we could come together to reach this point. We will keep the donations page open until the Coffee Morning tomorrow. There is still time to donate online. 

Thank you so much and it has been wonderful to work together as a community. We have raised important funds for the school.

We hope to see you at the Coffee Morning.




Giving Day Success

As you can see, we've had a very successful Giving Day. Pupils and staff have enjoyed taking part in activities and coming together as a community to raise money for the 'It Takes a Village' Fund.

Enjoy some of the out takes from today. There has been sheer joy around the school all day!
It is not too late to donate to our Giving Day. You can still donate here.




Nursery Superstars

We spoke to Reception and Nursery about all the acts of kindness they have shown today. From helping at home, being kind in the playground and listening to their teachers. In addition, this afternoon, some of our Nursery pupils delivered a plate of fresh fruit to Ms Wyatt in her office!

Please consider donating to the 'It Takes a Village' Fund here.



The Great Footballing Challenge

The fourth challenge of the day was the Great Footballing Challenge. With teachers in goal, it was a tough challenge, but pupils managed to score nearly 50 goals!

Well done, everybody. Great effort! 

Please consider donating to the 'It Takes a Village' Fund here.





75 Donations

We are delighted to say that we have now reached 75 donations from across our school community. This is truly amazing, and it would be wonderful to reach 100 donations by the end of the day! Please do consider donating and thank you for your continued support to our school.


Big Breaktime Walk

Our pupils have completed the third challenge of Giving Day, the Big Breaktime Walk. At break time, the pupils did laps of the playground, walking a combined total of 5 miles, the equivalent distance between St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Big Ben, via Westminster Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, and back.

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Mastermind Challenge

Our second Giving Day challenge is complete!

We challenged our pupils to go head-to-head with their teachers on specialist subjects, including humanities and Harry Potter. The pupils performed incredibly well in their teams and won the Mastermind Challenge with a 2-1 victory.
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Speech from Head Girl and Year 5 Representative

This morning, our Head Girl, Talia, and Year 5 representative, Enrique, gave inspiring speeches to the school about what it means to be a pupil at St Joseph's.


Enrique (Year 5)


It started in Reception with lots of fun sessions some easy, some hard but time flew fast.

Year 1

In year one there was lots more fun, I did not get bored I was not ignored.

Year 2

Time flew, Florence Nightingale could not be avoided. It was so enjoyable.

Year 3

There was a long lockdown, but Miss Eccles did not have a lie down. We learned a lot of things and felt like kings.

Year 4

Nothing felt sore when lockdown was no more, not even a maths exam! Where practice made perfect we were together again and learning our best.

Year 5

Year five felt short but I have achieved so much, a football cup, Sayers croft what a rush, British values, the highway man and so much more.

Year 6

One more year before I go. New teacher, new learning opportunities for growth. I look forward to the challenge with my friends by my side, we will work our personal best and leave nothing to hide.


Talia (Year 6)

I am a St Joseph’s child. Throughout my time at St Joseph’s, I have grown as a person and know, thanks to all my teachers and all my friends, how to be the best version of myself. Not only has this school taught me English and Maths but also to be kind, selfless and to never give up. Without everyone at St Joseph’s – Mr Stacey, Mrs Wyatt, all the teachers and children – I would never have become who I am today or be able to achieve what I have achieved. My now strong links with my Catholic faith and God are thanks to the religious values and dedication at St Joseph’s. Everyone at St Joseph’s is unique and I have seen all my friends become the wonderful people they are, over my years here. All the children from Reception and Nursery up to Year 6 are valued and respected through their unique St Joseph’s journey. Thank you to the teachers who strove to help each child everyday during their time at St Joseph’s. Thank you to the parents who support us all the time. Thank you to Miss Norton and Miss Reis for being the best teachers. Thank you to Mr Stacey and Mrs Wyatt for being the best headteachers. Thank you to the children who make St Joseph’s special. Through Christ we achieve our personal best.


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Celebrating the languages spoken at St Joseph's

We have completed our first Giving Day challenge!

To celebrate the languages spoken at St Joseph's, we asked every pupil to greet Mrs Wyatt and Mr Stacy at the front gate by saying "Good morning" in a different language.

We exceeded our target of 20 languages, with 23 languages being spoken this morning. Our pupils spoke French, Mandarin, Polish, Filipino, Welsh, Tigrinya, St Lucian, Latin, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, German, Romanian, St Lucian, Cantonese, Chinese, Arabic, Georgian, Latvian, Russian, and Bulgarian.

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Giving Day Begins!


Thank you for all your support to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

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